Hi, I’m Ellie Burscough.

Business and mindset coach, competitive powerlifter, world traveller, mum.

My philosophy is to build a business based on giving massive value, that fits around your lifestyle and your goals. Not a one size fits all approach.

I created ‘Ellie Burscough’ because as a personal trainer myself for 5 years, I could see that other business owners were struggling when it came to growing their business. I found that I had cracked the code to growing multiple six figure businesses, and I had a calling to show others how they can do the same.

Through practical strategy, mindset and good old hard work, I help my clients create leveraged businesses that compliment the way they like to do things.
I don’t do business in a box.

I believe in creating connections between each of my clients and helping each one grow in the way they are naturally destined to.

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I have always been passionate about health and fitness and helping people.

As a child I always wanted to be a teacher. Things didn’t work out down that path, but I realised what I am doing now is much more rewarding and I am still teaching just in a different way.

Before I started my own business I worked in sales and marketing for five years. Doing telemarketing, lead generation, sales and marketing campaigns for small to large businesses and charity organisations. My skills in these areas have been a great asset to starting my own businesses.

I started studying Personal Training in 2008. However overseas travel and falling pregnant put a hold on finishing at that time. I started studying again when my daughter was three months old. And started my first business (Power Mums) the week I left PT college. I decided to help Mum’s with their health and fitness journey’s because of my own journey. I put on 20 kilo’s in my first pregnancy. I wanted to find somewhere where I could lose the weight as quickly but as healthily as possible, bring my daughter with me and make some new friends. I couldn’t find anywhere out there like that so I started it myself.

Power Mums grew very quickly. When I started out I had no money at all. My partner was on a tourist visa, so couldn’t work and I’d just been off work after having my daughter. We had no money behind us at all and were living off $500 a week from the government. I had no choice but to make it work, so that I could create a better life for myself and my family (and my clients). Early on I had no idea how to run a business. I was only earning a couple of hundred dollars a week. So I found a business mentor to help me. I took the business from $200 a week to $1000 a week in a couple of months. The business grew from $0-$200K in under two years. Then I sold the business in January 2013 and started Alternative Mums Fitness.

I now help Mum’s learn to love and accept themselves and their bodies just the way they are. I do this by building their confidence, working on their mindset, overcoming emotional eating and showing them they can come first as well as their kids. I do this through small group training, online mind and body program, phone coaching and retreats.

I started mentoring Personal Trainers to help them grow their businesses in 2012 and now have clients across many industries. I have invested over $250K over the last six years to learn about marketing, sales, personal development, training and nutrition. Through my education and my own journey I have a wealth of knowledge that I wanted to share with others so that they can live their ideal life and help so many more people with their health.