Learn To Love Sales Calls

I worked in sales and marketing for 5 years before starting my first business. This gave me so many tools that I could then use in my own business.

Though, when I started out I was still scared. I found it hard to transfer these skills because I wasn’t being fed hundreds of leads a day. I had to find them for myself. I found it hard because I wasn’t just working for someone else I was building my dream, so there was a lot of emotion involved. I found it hard because I couldn’t just sit there hour after hour making sales calls – I had to do EVERYTHING!

Which is why after a while I decided to employ my first mentor who guided me through how to change my mindset from an employee to an entrepreneur (he was one of the best salespeople I had ever met).

He taught me so much, but mainly how to,

  1. Stop procrastinating
  2. Feel the fear and do it anyway
  3. Get in state and get on the phone.
  4. 1 or 2 calls here and there don’t get you results. It’s a numbers game. I made up to 100 calls a day
  5. Repetition and consistency equal results
  6. The only objection you can’t overcome is the one you believe yourself.  An objection doesn’t mean no – it’s a limiting belief you can help them to overcome
  7. Learn about sales, but more importantly practice daily to get better.
  8. Take the ego out of it.  It’s not about you!  It’s about them.  Actively listen, build rapport, show you care.

Now I can hear you saying well that’s all well and good but I don’t have anyone to call.

There’s no excuse for not making sales calls or connecting with people daily in your business.  Without sales and marketing, you have no business. Yes, you’ll get some success from word of mouth and friends etc but then those leads dry up quickly.

You plateau.

Instead of making excuses and getting busy in your business or doing crappy admin tasks learn about sales and marketing and take consistent action.  If you don’t have leads go out and find them.

I did this when I first started out as a PT by connecting with people on Facebook, talking to random Mum’s in the parks and at kids play centres and getting their phone numbers. From handing out flyers in office buildings and even in the

From handing out flyers in office buildings and even in the lineup for Hungry Jacks in the city.  By running seminars at local business places, Scoopon (not the best but did help me grow my business in the beginning), referrals, friends, and expos.

Some of these things might seem a bit challenging to hear, and at the same time if you can’t master sales and marketing you won’t have a successful business.


Stop procrastinating
Get into the right state of mind
Set sales KPI’s for yourself to reach
Write out a sales script

THEN GET ON THE PHONE and start talking to people!

These are things my mentor shared with me, and after every conversation with him I got on the phone and made a sale.  It’s EXACTLY what I needed to hear to get massive results. And it worked.

So if you are sick of holding back and want to learn how you can actually love sales and do it in a way where you give massive value then we need to have a chat.

Because I know at the start o the year you told yourself this one was going to be different, right? And we are already close to another year passing us by and still getting the same old results as the years before.

No more holding back.
No more playing it small.
No more mediocre or good enough results.

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How To Get Good At The Things That Scare You

STOP worrying about what other people think.
START doing whatever the hell works for you.

Some people complain that I talk too much about business or money on my Facebook (key word MY!). But you know what? This is where I work. This is how I make money. This is how I grow my business and reach out and help more people. I don’t walk into their workplace and tell them to stop working. So I won’t let them do the same to me. I don’t even get bothered by this anymore but I know a lot of my clients and followers do. So I thought this had to be said.

The way to build your confidence and self-worth is to take action every day on the things you want to get better at.

  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Sales
  • Coaching
  • Training

Whatever you want to get good at you have to practice every day.

You have to stop worrying about what others may or may not think. Because the truth is most of the things you think people are worried about aren’t even true. Most people aren’t talking about you. And those who try to bring you down don’t matter anyway.

Surround yourself with like-minded people. People who lift you up instead of trying to tear you down. If you can’t think of anyone close to you that fits this description then start with surrounding yourself with these people online.

Start practicing the things you want to get good at on a daily basis.

Yes – EVERY – Single – DAY!!

You won’t get good at doing something every once in a while. You need to do it every day. You wouldn’t tell a client to lift weights once every couple of weeks. So why do you think you can do the same with sales or content?

Belief + Action = Results

One of my clients made $4000 in one month. She signed up to my Ultimate Life Experience (VIP) Program and the next month made $10,800! Yes, she almost tripled her business in 1 month.

This might sound crazy or like it’s way out of your reach, but it’s not. It’s actually quite common for my clients to double or triple their business in the first 1-3 months of working with me.

Want to know the biggest thing she did to achieve these results?

  • She saw herself as someone who could attract high-level clients.
  • She stopped holding herself back.
  • She committed to herself.
  • She invested in herself.
  • She decided to step up in all areas of her life.
  • And she did the work.

Notice how doing the work is last on the list?

You can try to take action without self-belief or a good mindset but you won’t get the best results. Work on yourself first and the rest flows so much easier. If you want fast results like this you need to be willing to step up. You need to invest in yourself financially, energy wise and with your mindset.

Committing to a high-level program means you are raising the stakes and when the stakes are high you have a lot more to lose. So what happens? YOU STEP UP! You stop doing the bare minimum and commit to actually getting fast results. Plus you have high-level support to back you up.

But you don’t need to believe in yourself 100% to get started. You just need to take the first step and the belief will build.

So stop worrying about what anyone else is doing or saying – friends, family, competition, ex-clients and start doing business and life your way. The more you work on yourself the more your business will grow, because your business and clients are a direct reflection of yourself.

If you want to be around like-minded people make sure to join my free Facebook group ‘The Community of KickAss Action Takers’

If you want to step it up then lets chat!

The Common Trap People Fall Into In Business

So…what is it?

Not knowing if someone is triggering you and what to do about it.

You’ve probably heard the term “triggered” thrown around a lot. If you haven’t you might be wondering what it means. When you are triggered by something you have an emotional reaction to what someone says or does.

Ever read something on Facebook and gotten really angry or annoyed by it? Ever seen someone else who’s doing really well and got a hint of jealousy or wondered why you are not there yet? Ever had a confrontational conversation with a family member or friend who has a different opinion and felt upset or angry about it? Ever had a hater or a client in your business who just doesn’t get you and feels the need to attack you because of it?

I think most people can answer YES to at least one of those questions. I know I’ve experienced all of them from time to time.

And you know what?

In the past it used to really piss me off. I would get over the top emotional when anything like this happened. I would let it affect my life – not just that day but sometimes for weeks afterwards.

But I’ve now learned to shrug things off a hell of a lot faster and most things don’t even bother me at all now.

How did I do that?


I worked on myself A LOT!

In order to move past something, you need to understand why it affects you.

The reason we get triggered is because it’s a reflection of something we are feeling within ourselves. Some kind of limiting belief or emotion we are holding on to. When you let go of these limiting beliefs and change them to positive empowering beliefs you can move forwards. And not let the little things bother you anymore.

The people who get triggered the most and aren’t able to let it go are the ones who haven’t worked on themselves enough.  I‘ve invested over $250K over the last 6 years into my business and personal development. And I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. Not just on a business level but personally and emotionally. I’ve worked through a lot of my shit so that I can become a better person. So that I can easily shrug things off, see the positives in negative situations, help others overcome their shit, be the true leader I was born to be and be able to step up and create great things in my life.

Yes, shit will still happen. I’ve had plenty of it this past fortnight! But I am able to turn every bad situation into a positive. And not let it affect me either at all or for only a short period of time (depending on the situation). So anytime you are getting over the top emotional over something someone says or does, look within yourself to see why it’s upsetting you.

It takes a strong, brave person to work on themselves. And to realise that where they are at is 100% their choice. But when you do this work it is so rewarding. Work on that and then find the positives and the lessons in the situation and let it go.

If you do this you will not only grow your business faster than you ever thought possible but more importantly you will grow so much as a person.

And that’s what really matters right?

So if you are ready to fulfil your potential but need some guidance. Click the link below and secure your free strategy session.


So You Want To Be Successful? Prove It

Business is not easy. Not everyone is cut out for it.

Just because anyone can set up a Facebook page or Instagram account and start putting content out there doesn’t mean building a business online is easy. Online is not the holy grail. Neither is face to face. Just because you get some word of mouth, or have friends and family sign up, in the beginning, doesn’t mean it’s easy to attract people.

You can have quick wins. And then other things take time. And patience. Which most people don’t have. They want it all and they want it yesterday. Most people are stuck in desperation mode and victim mentality. They think the world owes them something. They think too much about the small things, instead of thinking about the big picture. One little thing knocks their confidence and they want to give up. They have a weak mindset.

The ones who will make it know that even when they feel like giving up they can’t and won’t.

They refuse to settle for anything less than the best. The best version of themselves. Living their life to the full. Following their passion and their dreams. So a client leaving or someone saying something negative about them or a FB ad that doesn’t work will not throw them off track or knock them down. These things are minuscule in the scheme of things. They don’t matter more than your dreams.

It’s hard doing it alone. That’s why you need a supportive community who lift you up and help you realise you’re not alone. You need to surround yourself with other people who are both going through similar things and also people further ahead. So you can believe that that is possible for you too.

You need to invest in yourself.
Your business development and even more importantly your personal development. Not just with money, but with time, energy, focus. and commitment.

So what does it take to be successful?

Here are my top 3 tips –

1 – Have a big enough reason why that makes you push even when you feel like giving up.

Then when you get through that initial stage and have everything you want and need it is time to find a different motivator. It could be to continue building on that lifestyle, giving to charity, helping 1000 people or even a feeling within yourself (e.g. wanting to feel fulfilled). Whatever it is, it has to motivate you enough to do the work even when you don’t feel like it.

2 – Take fast imperfect action.

Most people try to make everything perfect and 100% completed before they put it out. Or spend all their time in that space and never actually put it out there.

I always take fast action. I don’t overthink things. I just do and then figure it all out later.

Yes, there are still things that I put off. But I’ve found I get a lot more done than most in a shorter amount of time. Stop overthinking things and start doing.

3 – Work on your mindset.

All the strategy in the world won’t help you if your head isn’t in the right place. Most people have a lack of confidence or self-belief or limiting beliefs that come up. Like – I’m not good enough, It’s too hard, I don’t have time or money etc.

When you work on your mindset you’re able to overcome these things, build confidence and positivity to be able to take fast action.

So make a personal commitment to yourself to not take the easy way out. To follow these steps and not give up on yourself or your business.


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Stop Being Busy and Become More Productive

It’s ok to take a break and not be busy all the time!

As entrepreneurs, we tend to be ‘go go go’ all the time right?  When you’re motivated and inspired it’s easy to keep going because you want to get your message out to the world. Even when you’re not motivated and inspired it can be hard to stop because you feel like you need to do more to reach your goals.

When you’re motivated and inspired it’s easy to keep going because you want to get your message out to the world.  Even when you’re not motivated and inspired it can be hard to stop because you feel like you need to do more to reach your goals.

Even when you’re not motivated and inspired it can be hard to stop because you feel like you need to do more to reach your goals.

You don’t have to do more all the time.

Because the more is never-ending. There is no limit. You just keep adding more and more things to the list and to your day until you get overwhelmed and burnt out.

It doesn’t have to be so damn hard.

Taking time out can actually make you more productive. It can make you get things done quicker and more effortlessly. Because you are focused, in the zone and well rested. Don’t ever sacrifice your sleep just to get more done – you’ll just be taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Getting good sleep regularly will mean you can function much better, be more energised and feel more inspired. And when you are feeling your best you will produce your best work.

When you are inspired…write. When you are stimulated…speak your message. When you are excited…do the work. Because it’s when you’re feeling like this that everything feels so much easier. It gets done so much faster. And you speak from the heart. But set yourself a limit and allow yourself time to switch off.

However…don’t confuse taking time out for yourself with being lazy in your business. Don’t spend hours scrolling through Facebook when you have the time and energy to be growing your empire. Don’t be busy…be productive with your time. With the time you spend working in the business, working on the business, and working on yourself.

Too many people get stuck scrolling through social media, replying to emails, doing admin and busy tasks rather than the things that are actually going to grow their business. Learn to understand the difference and follow the steps below.

How to be super productive –

1 – Write a list of the things you are going to do today.

Make sure you focus on the things that are going to add value to your clients and followers, generate you leads and make some money first.

2 – Put 3-5 things on that list

If you make the list ridiculously long you end up getting overwhelmed and stressed and may not even get started. You focus on the easy things, rather than the important things.

Have a long list somewhere in a notebook or on your computer so you don’t forget it. But just choose 3-5 things each day and get them done.

3 – Turn off distractions and focus

Do these important tasks before checking social media and getting back to people as this detracts you from your focus.

4 – Group tasks together and time them strategically

You want to have a good chunk of time to work solidly on the business. If you only have a small amount of time or staggered time throughout the day while you are running around trying to do everything you won’t get much done. Choose the time of the day when you are most productive / inspired and assign the relevant tasks to that time that correlates. I am a morning person so I like the first part of my day and the first part of the week to be as productive as possible.

So forget about always hustling and pushing. Forget about working more hours or doing more things. Forget about sleeping less and working more. Look after you. Take time out regularly. Take it easy on yourself if you’re busy in another area of your life or something’s going on you have to deal with right now. Get enough sleep. Eat food that makes you feel good. And do the work at your peak creativity times as much as possible.

If you want further guidance on how to be the best in what you do, click below to schedule a time to speak to my coaching team.


Why Not Speaking Your Mind Will Attract The Wrong Clients

Don’t be scared to tell it like it is and speak your truth.

Speaking up and actually calling people out on their shit will mean you attract the right kinds of people into your business. You will get your clients better results. And you will push away the people who are energy vampires and not the right fit for you and your business.

By speaking up and being real and honest your client will love you even more. And more people will be drawn to you. You’ll get your clients amazing results and you’ll find out what’s really holding them back so that they can let it go and move forwards.

Yes, you’ll push some people away. People will be pissed off at you. But that’s because they don’t get you or get what you are about.

But guess what?…….You don’t have to help everyone!

You can work with just the people you love and are awesome to hang around. And the more you speak your truth the more these people will be drawn to you. You’ll get rid of the cheap skates. The energy vampires. The drama queens. And you’ll create a community of awesome people that you love, that value themselves and value you and actually do the work.

And because of that they’ll get amazing results, they’ll keep coming back for more and they will bring their friends along for the ride too.

So stop trying to be Mr/Miss nice guy. Stop trying to please everyone. Stop trying to keep yourself small. Stop trying to be “professional” (whatever that’s supposed to mean anyway).

And just start being you. Not just parts of you…..All of you!

Share your struggles, your sabotages, and your set backs. Share your successes, your achievements, and the things you’ve overcome. Share your personality, who you are, and what you like to do. Share what you stand for, what you’re passionate about, and what you stand against.

This is the stuff that will draw the right kinds of people to you.

And with your clients and potential clients, don’t be scared to speak up. To tell it like it is in a way that shows you care.

And if they don’t get it they just weren’t the right fit anyway and that’s ok. If you stir something up in someone and they attack you for trying to help it says more about them than it does you anyway. It’s their own stuff holding them back. You are confronting the change that is scary for them to make.

Don’t waste time on the wrong clients. LOVE what you do and the people you work with!

Don’t be scared to be who you are. Don’t be scared to tell it like it is – even if you piss some people off. Don’t be scared to be successful and achieve whatever you want in life.

Success scares some people off. They get jealous and judgemental. But the reality is, they are not the kinds of people you want to spend time with anyway right?

So decide today to step in to who you truly are.

Don’t be afraid to speak your truth.

This is how you attract the right kinds of clients for you.

Start with posting in my free group the “The Community if Kickass Action Takers”


How Understanding The 4 Buyer Types Will Help You Close Sales

When I am interested in something I make a quick decision whether I’m going to buy it or not. I need someone to engage and reply to me asap! If they don’t then they have lost a sale. I will go elsewhere.

However, not everyone is like me. Did you know there are actually 4 common buyer types and each one has different decision-making needs which determines how they buy?

Below is a summary of the 4 most commonly identified types of buyers based on personality types identified via the Myers & Briggs Type Indicator. It is important you have an understanding of who you are trying to sell to so you can address their needs to help close the sale.

1. The Analytical Buyer

This buyer is motivated by logic and information. They are perfectionists and seek attention to detail and accuracy. They can appear indecisive but are really just reserved in making decisions until they have all the information available. They do not like taking risks and want to make sure they are 100% sure it is the right thing to do.

How to convert the sale

  • Provide all the information upfront.
  • Provide case studies, testimonials, and statistics proving the validity of your claims.
  • Repeat yourself several times for clarification.
  • Discuss the processes behind your product or service.
  • Remain professional and don’t get too personal.
  • Don’t make them feel pressured to rush into a decision.

2. The Amiable Buyer

This buyer is motivated by stability and cooperation. They want to make everyone else happy and struggle to make big decisions as they worry about the impact their choice will have on their loved ones. They don’t like chaos and change, are slow when making decisions and need to feel comfortable about how the service will integrate easily into their life.

How to convert the sale

  • Build a friendly rapport/connection first.
  • Provide the information in an orderly way. Step by step and avoid throwing new information in at the last minute.
  • Discuss how the service will benefit the entire family/life rather than individually.
  • Listen and be reassuring.

3. The Driver Buyer

This buyer is motivated by power and respect. They need to feel empowered and make a decision based on how it will be viewed by others. They don’t like to feel disrespected or manipulated and often want to control the conditions of the sale. They respect strong personalities and buy based on trust.

How to convert the sale

  • Focus on big-picture benefits, not details.
  • Prepare a list of options he or she can control.
  • Avoid emotional arguments and focus on proof of your service.
  • Be brief and concise.
  • Share facts that correspond to tangible results.

4. The Expressive Buyer

This buyer is motivated by recognition and Approval. They expect great customer service and buy based on customer relations rather than hearing stats and figures. They like attention, want to be needed and feel like they are important to you.

How to convert the sale

  • Be patient and build a personal relationship with them.
  • Relate the sale to improving their image and relationships.
  • Use personal stories and client testimonials to explain the service rather than just providing information.
  • Be personable, relatable and engaging.


So which buyer type are you most like?

Which type of selling method do you best respond to?

How can you use this information to improve your sales conversion rate?

Have a look at what you are currently doing in your business that affects your sales.

Do you know what kind of a person you want as a client and understand their needs?

Do you build good connections with your followers?

Do you get back to inquiries as quickly as possible (respond to all emails, PM’s and comments on social media)?

If not it’s time to start paying more attention to your potential/current clients.

Do You Have A Plan For Long-Term Wealth and Success?

I have almost $40K in my savings at the moment. The most I’ve ever had saved.

I saved $10K in December alone.

The annoying thing is I will probably have around $80K to pay back to the government mid this year (2 years of tax, plus Centrelink overpaid us for the kids last year).

I’ve told myself in the past paying more money for tax is good because it obviously means I’m earning good money.

But recently I was thinking about going to a Media Intensive in America. It looks like a really cool experience and he gets people amazing results.

What this brought up for me was the 2 different sides of my personality.

Part of me understands that I have to be sensible. Save for my tax. Manage my money. And not touch my savings.

The other part of me (which makes up most of me!) is super spontaneous, wants to do everything and thinks – Oh well I can just make more money!

That second part used to win all the time. And whilst it’s important to have an abundance mindset, it’s more important to manage your money properly.

Yes I am making money and will continue to make more. But that’s money that can be saved (I’m actually on track to have my biggest month ever this month).

Right now I have to go through short term pain and discipline to have long-term wealth and success.

Most people don’t want to go through that. Most people want short term pleasure – from spending money, eating chocolate, binge watching Netflix, sex, drugs etc etc

And when you live like that you end up with no money, in debt, overweight and holding yourself back from your goals, long term success and true happiness.

You’ve got to be in business for the long game.

Stop making decisions on a whim. Weigh them up. If it’s a smart decision and you need it to grow and it’s going to get you there faster then do it.

If you have bigger goals then you need to save, be disciplined and stick to the plan.

Celebrate your wins along the way.

Invest in yourself.

But also think about the bigger picture.

Need some advice? Click HERE and let’s get started with a free business strategy phone call.

Why Most People Don’t Achieve Their Goals – Part 2

How many times have you promised yourself “this year I am going to do it” and “in 5 years I will be living my dream”? And how often have those promises been broken?

Achieving goals requires more than just a commitment to yourself. It requires a set of steps to set yourself up for success.

In last week’s blog “Part 1” I wrote about two of the crucial steps to help you make your goals a reality.

They were:
Step 1: Be specific on what you want and be clear as to why you want it.
Step 2: Create a simple plan with action steps and take action.

Now…this week I will share with you the final two steps to set you on your way to accomplishment.


Step 3: Environment equals success. Ensuring your physical environment and the people around you are positive, successful and will help you reach your goal

Your environment equals your success. It’s your physical environment but it’s also the people that you spend your time with as well. You want to surround yourself with the right people. Surround yourself with positive like-minded people who are on the same path as well.

You need to be clear on who you spend your time with. If people are being negative, if people are dragging you down, if you’re surrounded by people who are not making any money in their business, people who aren’t serious about their business – then that’s going to be your reality. Same with other goals for those who aren’t in business. For those who have health and fitness goals. If you surround yourself with people who just sit in front of the tv all day, never get outside the house, eat takeaway all the time, drink, smoke, do drugs. Whatever it is that’s going to be your norm. That’s going to be your reality. This happens in any part of your life, and remember all parts of your life are connected as well. You need to have 100% belief in yourself and surrounding yourself with positive like-minded people that help you reach your goals and lift you up so that you can continue moving forwards.

I know for me to make a million dollars this year I knew that I couldn’t do the time frame that I wanted to do it in by myself. I have an assistant working 30 hours a week but I knew I couldn’t do it as fast as wanted to without working a heap of extra hours and that would take away from my family. If I was single and had no kids sure I would work every hour of the day I love it so much. Probably not healthy but I do. So, I realised I had to put a team in place to make my environment driven for success. I’ve got my assistant and I’ve restructured her role moving forward and then I’ve got an IT person, marketing person and a copywriting person as well. If you can’t put a team in place that’s totally fine. Automate, delegate and systemise what you can to manage your environment. Even as simple as getting a cleaner to come in and pay them $50 a week or fortnight to take that off your hands. Having an environment that is clutter and stress free will help you to be more productive.

A lot of people get so excited about the planning phase of the goals and they might do it for a week or two but then they just can’t be bothered doing the hard work and being disciplined to actually reach the goal. You’ve got to be excited and give yourself incentives and things to look forward to every single day. It’s not just about reaching the goal it’s about the journey so get excited about that and get excited about the things that you do every day that lead towards that goal not just the end result.


Step 4: Staying disciplined and 100% focused on your goal. Working on your mindset and getting rid of limiting beliefs.

I just signed up 9 people to my 6-figure system program and it’s almost full. The reason I signed up 9 people so quickly is because I had a clear plan and a set timeframe. I got rid of any other distractions and I’ve just focused on this. I had clear actions that I needed to take to reach my goal of helping more people change their lives and get faster results. I don’t procrastinate. I don’t put things off. I am disciplined in doing what it takes to achieve my goals.  A big part of why I am able to operate this way is that I maintain focus. I have minimised distractions and simplified my life by decluttering both physically and digitally. I’ve just got rid of a heap of stuff so that I can keep my vision in focus and get faster results. I’m working way less than I have. I’m making a lot more money than I ever have. I’ve had months like this before but not with this little amount of time and it’s just happening with ease and flow because I’ve got rid of any other distractions in my life. Recently I got my email inbox from 1100 unread messages to zero. I’ve decluttered the house, got rid of any old clothes that I’m just holding on to for god knows why. Got rid of any books that I don’t read or don’t need. By simplifying and by getting rid of unnecessary clutter and distractions in our lives we allow space for new things to come in.

Placing your energy on one main goal is key. Last year I had big focuses in a lot of areas. I was really focused on my business, I wanted to improve my relationship and my family, did a lot of travel and personal development, was competing in powerlifting and I wanted to lose weight. And I found it really hard to fit all this stuff in and be good at it all. It’s hard. it’s very tiring. Especially when I was lifting really heavy weights. But the thing is, you can’t have everything as your number one priority. You can have balance in different areas of your life but you can’t have multiple number one priorities, it doesn’t work. So I shifted my energy to have one main focus at a time and to have a clear time frame around when I do things.

Discipline and good mindset are essential to success. If you are spending the day procrastinating and doing things that aren’t going to help you reach your goal then you’ve got to look at why you’re doing that and work on that. So, you’ve got to be 100% focused towards the goal and when you’re in your working hours you work. When you’re not in your working hours then you be present with your family or you spend time on yourself or you do whatever you want to do. It’s having that discipline and creating your life around the lifestyle that you want and the goals that you want as well.

Anyone who struggles with disciple it just comes down to knowing what you want, knowing why you want it and being 100% focused on that. Think about it another way. What is it costing you holding you back right now? Is it costing you stress? Is it costing you a relationship? Is it costing you your health or your weight? Is it costing you being present with your kids? Is it costing you lack of confidence and chaos and not really being able to show up and help people in the way that you want to help them? Is it costing you not being able to travel or have the lifestyle that you want? Stress about money and paying your bills? You’ve got to look at the things that are holding you back. Your excuses, your objections, your struggles. Think about your goal and how badly you want it. If you want it badly enough you’ll find a way to make it work and this in where mindset comes in as well. You’ve got to have the mindset to success. For me when I had 2 businesses a couple of years ago, it was too much, I was doing content and marketing and sales and admin and management of clients and client value for 2 businesses. But I didn’t want to let go of my fitness business. Why? Because I loved it and I had amazing clients and I had spent a lot of time and energy getting it to be as successful as it was. Once I shifted my mindset, let go of that limiting belief and let go of my fitness business, I ended up tripling my coaching business in 3 months and 10x my business in a year and a half.

You’ve got to let go of the limiting negative beliefs that are holding you back and put positive empowering beliefs in their place so that you can move forwards. Let go. Let go so you can move forwards. The world needs you.

Follow these four steps and I guarantee you will achieve your goals!

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Why Most People Don’t Achieve Their Goals – Part 1

We all have goals. Some are big, some are small. Some relate to you as an individual and some relate to your business. But what do most people have in common? They think of/write a bunch of short and long term goals down – but never achieve them. Sure, they might tick some off their list here and there, but in most cases people fall short.

Why is this? What aren’t people doing that they need to be? It all comes down to 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Be specific on what you want you want and be clear as to why you want it.

You need to have clarity on what you really want and be very specific.  A lot of people either don’t know what the reason is for wanting to achieve a goal, or know the general area, but your reason is too vague.

Take growing your business for example. Most, if not all of us, have business growth as a goal. But what does that consist of? What specifically does business growth mean to you? Is it making $100K a year. Yes? Great. So WHY do you want that?  In order to strive for that goal, you need to understand how making $100K will change your life. Make it tangible.

If you are just plucking some number out of the air because it sounds nice or because that’s what it means to be “successful” then you might start working towards it but you’ll very easily fall off track and you won’t keep moving forwards. You’ve got to know the lifestyle that you want to live. Work out exactly how much that lifestyle’s going to cost you. Then you’ve got your reason why to motivate your goal – I want to be making $100K a year so that I can do/feel/have X, Y, Z.

Without a specific goal and an understanding of why you want it, you will struggle to know how to go and get it. But you also need to be realistic about your goal setting. You can’t get to $100K a year without having done the groundwork first to get to where you want to be. So, if you’re currently earning $20K a year and have a goal to get to $100K a year, add in a smaller more achievable goal first (earning $50K a year) that is on track to your bigger goal. Most people want this big massive goal but they don’t want to do the milestones and take those smaller steps to be able to get there.

I can say and 100% believe in myself that I will make $1M this year (my goal), because I’ve been in business for 6 years. I’ve had multiple businesses. I’ve done a lot of work on myself. I’ve spent over $200K on business development and mindset. I’ve done a lot of courses. I’ve had multiple mentors. I have a very strong mindset. And I’ve worked very hard on myself for 6 years making and achieving small then bigger goals along the way.


Step 2: Create a simple plan with action steps and take action.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when working towards a goal is to overcomplicate things. You need to have a plan and it needs to be simple. The more steps you create for yourself the harder you make the climb. Keep it simple to start with and adapt as you hit your goals.

What’s the first step to success? You need to know how to get it. You need a plan. For example, when you’re writing out your goals, don’t just write what your goal is (e.g. make $100K in 12 months’ time in your business) – write down a plan to set in place to be able to achieve that goal. What do you need to sell to be able to make $100K? So, its x number of x programs / offerings / products or it might be multiple offerings – that’s fine as well. You don’t want to have too many different things going at once though. Keep it simple. Obviously that won’t be your whole plan, but it’s the first step. And then write your next step in the plan. So, from there, how do you get those people into that program / to buy that product? Well you’ve got to give value. You’ve got to put out consistent content. You’ve got to help them overcome their struggles and show you care and build rapport. And you’ve got to talk to people and take action every day.

So, you’ve got to have that initial plan and then you’ve got to break it down into the smaller simple specific actions steps that you need to do to be able to get there. And you’ve got to give yourself a deadline and support if needed! Part of that for me is putting a team in place to help me reach those bigger goals that would be impossible for me to do alone. But, if you’re just starting out and don’t have all of that in place then don’t aim for $1M. Don’t even aim for $100K. Take those smaller steps first so that you’ve got the foundations in place to then be able to get to/reach those bigger goals.

I’ve been where you are. When I first started out in business years ago, just like you, I wanted to make $1M really quickly. But I didn’t have the knowledge. I didn’t have the mindset. I didn’t have the skillset. I hadn’t built a following yet. You’ve got to put the foundations in place to Not only that, yes you can have quick wins, but, some other things take time to build up. It’s not about just clicking your fingers and wanting it all now and being impatient. You’ve got to do the work, day in and day out, be patient, continually take action so that you are getting one step closer to your goals.

So, now that you know steps 1 and 2, start re-working your own goals. Be specific on what you want, be clear as to why you want it, create a simple plan with action steps and take action.

In the next blog you will find out the two remaining steps to make sure you don’t become another statistic on failing to achieve your goals.

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