Learn To Love Sales Calls

I worked in sales and marketing for 5 years before starting my first business. This gave me so many tools that I could then use in my own business.

Though, when I started out I was still scared. I found it hard to transfer these skills because I wasn’t being fed hundreds of leads a day. I had to find them for myself. I found it hard because I wasn’t just working for someone else I was building my dream, so there was a lot of emotion involved. I found it hard because I couldn’t just sit there hour after hour making sales calls – I had to do EVERYTHING!

Which is why after a while I decided to employ my first mentor who guided me through how to change my mindset from an employee to an entrepreneur (he was one of the best salespeople I had ever met).

He taught me so much, but mainly how to,

  1. Stop procrastinating
  2. Feel the fear and do it anyway
  3. Get in state and get on the phone.
  4. 1 or 2 calls here and there don’t get you results. It’s a numbers game. I made up to 100 calls a day
  5. Repetition and consistency equal results
  6. The only objection you can’t overcome is the one you believe yourself.  An objection doesn’t mean no – it’s a limiting belief you can help them to overcome
  7. Learn about sales, but more importantly practice daily to get better.
  8. Take the ego out of it.  It’s not about you!  It’s about them.  Actively listen, build rapport, show you care.

Now I can hear you saying well that’s all well and good but I don’t have anyone to call.

There’s no excuse for not making sales calls or connecting with people daily in your business.  Without sales and marketing, you have no business. Yes, you’ll get some success from word of mouth and friends etc but then those leads dry up quickly.

You plateau.

Instead of making excuses and getting busy in your business or doing crappy admin tasks learn about sales and marketing and take consistent action.  If you don’t have leads go out and find them.

I did this when I first started out as a PT by connecting with people on Facebook, talking to random Mum’s in the parks and at kids play centres and getting their phone numbers. From handing out flyers in office buildings and even in the

From handing out flyers in office buildings and even in the lineup for Hungry Jacks in the city.  By running seminars at local business places, Scoopon (not the best but did help me grow my business in the beginning), referrals, friends, and expos.

Some of these things might seem a bit challenging to hear, and at the same time if you can’t master sales and marketing you won’t have a successful business.


Stop procrastinating
Get into the right state of mind
Set sales KPI’s for yourself to reach
Write out a sales script

THEN GET ON THE PHONE and start talking to people!

These are things my mentor shared with me, and after every conversation with him I got on the phone and made a sale.  It’s EXACTLY what I needed to hear to get massive results. And it worked.

So if you are sick of holding back and want to learn how you can actually love sales and do it in a way where you give massive value then we need to have a chat.

Because I know at the start o the year you told yourself this one was going to be different, right? And we are already close to another year passing us by and still getting the same old results as the years before.

No more holding back.
No more playing it small.
No more mediocre or good enough results.

Click HERE to chat with my coaching team so we can put together a business strategy that will work for you so you can start seeing the results you know you want and can achieve.

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