So You Want To Be Successful? Prove It

Business is not easy. Not everyone is cut out for it.

Just because anyone can set up a Facebook page or Instagram account and start putting content out there doesn’t mean building a business online is easy. Online is not the holy grail. Neither is face to face. Just because you get some word of mouth, or have friends and family sign up, in the beginning, doesn’t mean it’s easy to attract people.

You can have quick wins. And then other things take time. And patience. Which most people don’t have. They want it all and they want it yesterday. Most people are stuck in desperation mode and victim mentality. They think the world owes them something. They think too much about the small things, instead of thinking about the big picture. One little thing knocks their confidence and they want to give up. They have a weak mindset.

The ones who will make it know that even when they feel like giving up they can’t and won’t.

They refuse to settle for anything less than the best. The best version of themselves. Living their life to the full. Following their passion and their dreams. So a client leaving or someone saying something negative about them or a FB ad that doesn’t work will not throw them off track or knock them down. These things are minuscule in the scheme of things. They don’t matter more than your dreams.

It’s hard doing it alone. That’s why you need a supportive community who lift you up and help you realise you’re not alone. You need to surround yourself with other people who are both going through similar things and also people further ahead. So you can believe that that is possible for you too.

You need to invest in yourself.
Your business development and even more importantly your personal development. Not just with money, but with time, energy, focus. and commitment.

So what does it take to be successful?

Here are my top 3 tips –

1 – Have a big enough reason why that makes you push even when you feel like giving up.

Then when you get through that initial stage and have everything you want and need it is time to find a different motivator. It could be to continue building on that lifestyle, giving to charity, helping 1000 people or even a feeling within yourself (e.g. wanting to feel fulfilled). Whatever it is, it has to motivate you enough to do the work even when you don’t feel like it.

2 – Take fast imperfect action.

Most people try to make everything perfect and 100% completed before they put it out. Or spend all their time in that space and never actually put it out there.

I always take fast action. I don’t overthink things. I just do and then figure it all out later.

Yes, there are still things that I put off. But I’ve found I get a lot more done than most in a shorter amount of time. Stop overthinking things and start doing.

3 – Work on your mindset.

All the strategy in the world won’t help you if your head isn’t in the right place. Most people have a lack of confidence or self-belief or limiting beliefs that come up. Like – I’m not good enough, It’s too hard, I don’t have time or money etc.

When you work on your mindset you’re able to overcome these things, build confidence and positivity to be able to take fast action.

So make a personal commitment to yourself to not take the easy way out. To follow these steps and not give up on yourself or your business.


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